Office Furniture Factory

Bespoke furniture designed using the most advanced CAD software

Our Design and Development team uses the latest 3D CAD software to cut the time required on design and prototyping your product. 

3D models are drawn, interrogated and amended until the concept and the final design are ready to be proto-typed for approval.

Locally-made office furniture

Our metal fabrication strategic partner based in Essex has a 80,000 square foot factory housing a wide range of capabilities including: 

  • CNC Punching
  • Laser Cutting 
  • Panel Folding 
  • Brake-Press Bending 
  • Welding 
  • Powder Coating 
  • Assembly 
  • Warehousing and Dispatch

Our team, suppliers and strategic partners are key in the process to deliver a quality product in part form or completely finished.

A proactive approach in providing you with the best furniture designs and high-quality products

Futurefile's ability to adapt and remain flexible within the ever changing manufacturing market has been vital to our success. A hands-on approach by the Directors means the company retains the drive and enthusiasm required to ensure high quality products are delivered with the fastest turnaround achievable. 

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